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Lenses Crazing? Here’s Why! in Medicine Hat

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First, what is lens crazing? Lens crazing is a spider web or crackle that appears usually in your antireflective coating. It is annoying as all get out, and there is no great way to fix it. The lenses usually need replacement once it has occurred. It makes the looking through the lens hazy, like everything is just a bit blurry, even if the prescription is correct.

So why does it happen? Antireflective coating is a bit like a thin layer that sits on top of the surface of your lenses. When your glasses have been exposed to extreme temperatures or chemicals, the thin layer contracts and expands differently than the lens it is sitting on. This creates a wrinkle-like appearance on the lens. Gratefully, higher quality antireflective coatings have more elasticity allowing them more bounce back before they “crack” under the pressure, while many value brands of coatings are not as forgiving.  But even the best coatings can be damaged, and you may not see it right away.  Sometimes the damage is done, and then BOOM a month later- crazed lenses.

What are the main culprits?  Heat- I would say is number one, for sure!  The most common occurrence is probably leaving your glasses in your car.  Let’s be real, it can be as hot as an oven in there! And, putting them under the seat or in the console or glove box isn’t going to cut the mustard, it’s still too hot.  Some other hot activities include (but not limited to) grilling or tending a hot fire.  The long and short of it is, just be conscious of it, and try your best to avoid exposing your glasses to direct heat.

Another thing that can cause lenses to craze is chemicals. For example, alcohol or Windex, anything with ammonia.  These chemical culprits are bad news bears, some of them can actually cause the breakdown of the coating all together, but usually they’ll craze first. So, avoid this like covid circa March 2020.

Less common among retailers using high quality anti reflective coatings (like yours truly) is manufacturers defect.  If there is an honest to goodness bonding issue that causes the coating to craze, it will likely happen within the first month or so.

But don’t despair! If this happens to you, and you purchased your glasses here, we have a one time no questions asked warranty.  So, we’ll trade you your damaged goods for fresh set- like a mulligan for your specs.

Written by Lindsay Nelligan

Lindsay was born and raised in Medicine Hat. She got her start in the optical industry when she was just 17 years old and fell in love with it. She started at 20/20 Vision Care in 2001. Currently, the optical manager, Lindsay loves working with patients and staff. The ever-changing optical industry is the perfect fusion of science and fashion that is always exciting to her! Being a mother of five keeps her busy when she is not here at the store.

Being a mother of five keeps her busy when she is not here at the store.

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