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Make Time for a Comprehensive Eye Exam

Staying on track with regular eye exams is an essential part of your well-being. A comprehensive eye exam is not only important to check your overall eye health but also to help provide early detection of potential eye diseases or conditions. In addition to eye exams, 20/20 Vision Care is also available for you if you require more urgent medical needs.

It’s recommended that adults go in for an eye exam every 2 years and seniors 65 and older have an exam yearly. If you are considered at risk for eye diseases or vision issues, it’s also recommended that you have an exam yearly.

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What to Expect During a Comprehensive Eye Exam

Our team is committed to providing exceptional vision care during your eye exam, are here if you have any questions or concerns. The process of an eye exam includes going over your medical history and prescriptions, completing a series of tests to measure health factors such as visual acuity, eye pressure, and eye health, and providing an assessment and any treatment that may be needed. 

How Often Should You Have an Eye Exam?

How often you should schedule a comprehensive eye exam depends on various factors, including your eye health, vision needs, and age. Patients at risk of developing eye conditions or in need fit adjustments for contact lenses may benefit from more frequent eye exams.

Generally, the recommendations by age are:

  • 10–14 months: first eye exam
  • 1–18 years: at least once per year
  • 19–64 years: once every 2 years
  • 65 & up: once per year*

*Unless other health conditions exist requiring more frequent follow-ups.

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Our Exam Technology

During a comprehensive eye exam, we use diagnostic technology to get the best possible evaluation of your vision health.

Optomap 200° Retinal Laser Scan

The Optomap Retinal Scanner is a device that takes a detailed image of the retina. The Optomap makes it easier for optometrists to look at the health of the retina and identify any abnormalities, as well as compare the image to previous exams.

We highly recommend an Optomap image be done at every eye exam as it is a valuable asset to an eye exam. Please note: This service is not covered through Alberta Health and is optional. 

Optical Coherence Tomography (OTC) is an imaging technology that uses light rays to take pictures of the front and back of the eye to determine retinal thickness. Measuring retinal thickness can aid in detecting eye diseases and conditions such as glaucoma and macular degeneration

The OCT scan typically requires dilation of the eye with drops and is common during a comprehensive eye exam.

A visual field test involves examining one’s ability to view the visual field on all sides of the eye when looking straight ahead. At 20/20 Vision Care, the matrix field test uses frequency doubling technology (FTD) which involves increasing the frequency of the testing images to provide a more accurate reading. 

FTD visual field testing is a good way to test for glaucoma as the visual field can be distorted with this disease.

Contact Lens Eye Exams 

A specific contact lens exam is necessary to properly fit your contacts and ensure that they are the right prescription, as a contact lens prescription can differ from your glasses.

If you wear contact lenses, it is also important to keep up with regular eye exams as there are challenges that can come from wearing contacts. Daily contact wear can have adverse reactions in some such as scratching of the eye, redness, sensitivity, dry eye, or risk of infection if contacts are not properly cared for. 

When new to contacts or switching brands, follow-up appointments may be necessary to check how the eyes are adjusting to the contact lenses.

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Sight Test Vs. Complete Eye Health Exam

A sight test or eye test focuses solely on sight rather than eye health. Sight tests are often performed by opticians to make the lenses in eyeglasses, but the computerized measurement cannot evaluate or diagnose eye health problems.

Doctors of optometry, like Dr. McClung, Dr. Cory, Dr. Hyde, Dr. Sehn, and Dr. Hart, provide complete eye health examinations. In addition to checking your vision, our doctors assess the general health and function of the eyes, including screening for eye disease. Regular comprehensive eye exams allow us to detect and treat problems affecting vision and health as soon as possible.

Understand Your Vision Health

At 20/20 Vision Care, we provide you with high-level care and great service during your comprehensive eye exam. Visit us today and let’s discuss what may be right for you.

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At 20/20 Vision Care, we provide comprehensive vision care services, including eye exams, contact lens exams, dry eye therapy, and a wide selection of frames and lenses.

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Your children undergo crucial visual development at a young age, and we want to be a part of this journey. We offer children’s eye exams and myopia management to help your children thrive.

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