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If you are in a situation where you may need urgent or emergency care, 20/20 Vision Care is here to talk you through the process. Our office will guide you on whether you may need to make an appointment today through our walk-in services, or if you should visit the emergency room for immediate medical needs.

Contact our office as soon as you have questions on urgent eye care or feel you may be in an urgent situation.

Common Eye Emergencies

There are many eye injuries or problems that may warrant urgent vision care. Below are a few common eye emergencies that we can assess:

To learn about more signs of eye injury and when to seek medical attention, take a look at our urgent care chart. 

 Urgent Care Chart

Chief Complaint


Blow to the eye or nearby area Today
Chemicals in the eye
(irrigate the eye immediately for 30 minutes with salin or clean water. Have someone call the office as you start irrigating, or call yourself once irrigation is completed.)
Decreased vision
  • Sudden onset
  • Over a period of day
  • Over a period of weeks


  • Yellow or green, and the eye is red
  • Clear or pearly, and whitish


Double vision (sudden onset) Today
Drooping Eyelid
  • Sudden onset
  • Puffy over a few days


Flashing lights or floaters
  • Sudden onset
  • Noticing floaters more recently


Foreign body (or the feeling of one) Today
Loss of vision
  • Sudden onset, with or without pain
  • Gradual, without pain


Odd or unusual vision (cloudy veil) Soon
Curtain rising or falling over central vision Immediately
Halos around lights Today
  • Mild to moderate
  • Moderate to severe


Red eye
  • Sudden onset or persistent, with or without pain
  • Been putting up with it for a while


Swollen eyelid(s) Soon

Avoiding Common Eye Injuries 

We know that accidents happen and injuries are a part of life. However, there are a few easy tips for avoiding common eye injuries in your everyday life:

  • Wear eye protection when working in your home. Whether you’re working on renovations or doing some work out in the garden, it’s possible that debris, dust, or materials can get into your eye and cause damage or irritation.
  • Be careful when working with chemicals. Household cleaning products can contain harmful chemicals, so ensure you are using them correctly and read the labels to avoid mixing ingredients that can cause eye inflammation. 

It is also important to spray any chemicals away from the face to avoid droplets in the eye.

  • Watch out for sharp objects in your home. Any items with a sharp edge or point such as tables or cabinets can cause eye injury if walked into, especially for children. Additionally, some children’s toys can have sharp edges that could be a risk to the eye.

We Put the Care in Urgent Care

Going through an eye injury or irritation can cause panic. In our urgent care clinic, we want to give you the help you need right away and our team is here to provide comfort at every stepIf you need immediate care, check out our urgent care clinic hours.

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At 20/20 Vision Care, we provide comprehensive vision care services, including eye exams, contact lens exams, dry eye therapy, and a wide selection of frames and lenses.

Designed specifically to best manage eye-related health concerns and disease. We also handle urgent eye care matters like foreign bodies, infections, and trauma.

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Your children undergo crucial visual development at a young age, and we want to be a part of this journey. We offer children’s eye exams and myopia management to help your children thrive.

We understand that not everyone can make it into our office, so we offer mobile services for those that are homebound, and service the senior homes in our area as well.

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