Vision Care

At our newly renovated and expanded 3rd Street location we’ve gone above and beyond to bring you the most convenient, full service eye care experience.

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20/20 Urgent Care

We are proud to have our brand new modern Urgent Care Facility conveniently located directly behind our 3rd Street location. One more reason to choose 20/20 Vision Care.

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20/20 Kids

We Love Our 20/20 Kids! Now, we are thrilled to offer a fun pediatric environment in our beautiful brand-new building located directly behind our 3rd Street location.

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20/20 Vision Care

20/20 Vision Care first opened on April 1st, 1996, and was the combination of two existing offices: Dr. Micheal McClung, optometrist and Stewart Optical. At the time, we knew of no other office to undertake a partnership of the 2 professions. This started our long history in providing innovative eye care. This history of innovation has continued to include the development new systems and office practices, as well as, the use of the latest in eye care technology and equipment.

What started as a partnership of one doctor and one licensed optician has grown to 3 doctors of optometry and 14 staff.

And best of all… its been fun.

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When should I see my doctor?

Knowing the warning signs, and when it's imperative to see an eye care professional right away, is important for the long-term health of your eyes. Never leave an emergency until it's too late.

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In the event of an eye injury, seek emergency help right away.
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