Daily contact lenses are one time use contacts that are discarded after use. These lenses are typically very useful for those who deal with contact lens dryness and/or seasonal allergies because it is a fresh lens every time. Daily contact lenses are also cheaper for those who wear contact lenses less than three days each week.

As the market for these lenses has increased over the years, there are an increasing amount of options available for patients. They typically come in 30 or 90 packs and can also be sold as 6 month or 1 year supplies.

We sell ALL varieties of daily contact lenses from every contact lens company available. We also stock easyclear every day lenses so that if you can get your contact lens supply the same day and don’t have to wait for shipping. Here are some examples of the one day contact lenses available:

  • Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus
  • Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus Toric
  • Dailies Total 1
  • Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus Multifocal
  • Easyclear everyday
  • BioTrue One Day
  • Acuvue 1 day Moist
  • Acuvue 1 day Moist for astigmatism
  • Acuvue TruEyes
  • Proclear 1 day Multifocal
  • Clariti
  • Soflens one day
  • Soflens toric daily

2 Week Lenses

Currently, Acuvue brand contact lenses are the only available 2 week contact lenses. 2 week contact lenses have the advantage of more frequent lens replacement for a similar cost. Also, all Acuvue products are protective against UV A and UV B radiation. This ultra smooth lens has a visibility tint for easy handling and blocks UVA and UVB. Here are some examples of 2 week contact lenses:

  • Acuvue Oasys
  • Acuvue Oasys for astigmatism
  • Acuvue Oasys for presbyopia

Monthly Lenses

Monthy lenses tend to be more economical for those who wear contact lenses every day. There are many brands and varieties of one month contact lenses on the market, and we sell ALL varieties of monthly lenses. Here are a few examples of the one month lenses available:

  • Easyclear
  • Easyclear Toric
  • Biofinity Multifocal
  • AirOptix Aqua
  • AirOptix Aqua for astigmatism
  • AirOptix Aqua Multifocal
  • Purevision 2
  • Purevision 2 for astigmatism


Proclear Multifocal lenses are a bifocal contact lens that is used to see both up close and far away. They are a moist lens that stays comfortable through your busy day.

Also available for astigmatism, please contact our office for details.

Air Optix Multifocal supply you with great comfort and breathability, these lenses are great for people who don’t want to be restricted by glasses.

One Day Contact Lens Trial

If you are interested in wearing contacts and would like to enquire about doing a One Day Contact Lens Trial please feel free to contact our office.