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CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind) VOLUNTEERS

2020 Vision Care Medicine Hat helping with CNIB Volunteers

Dr. Clark Hyde and Dr. Cory McClung have recognized that the local CNIB branch in Medicine Hat is a smaller service centre and it is not yet able to offer the full scope of services needed for our community. As such, Dr. Hyde and Dr. Cory have volunteered at the CNIB since 2012 twice each month to perform low vision assessments for those who are registered with the CNIB and who are in need of low vision assistance. Dr. Hyde and Dr. Cory have found great joy in using their professional backgrounds to serve the community in this regard. As of 2019 however, the CNIB no longer has the same local resources, so Dr. Hyde and Dr. Cory have put their volunteer services on hold for now.


If you have any old or unwanted glasses you may drop them off at 20/20 Vision Care, where they will then be picked up by the Lion’s Club and shipped to those in need of visual correction in third world countries.

According to The World Health Organization, 153 million people have uncorrected refractive errors.

You can either drop them off in store, or you can mail them to…

Lions Clubs International Headquarters
Attention: Receiving Department
300 W. 22nd StreetOak Brook, IL 60523, USA


Dr. Clark Hyde regularly visits local schools to present creative and interactive information and experiments about light, eyes, optical illusions, and much more. Dr. Hyde has been a volunteer with Praxis since 2011, and he feels that making learning a fun experience will not only brighten the minds of students, but will create for our children an enthusiasm and motivation to make a difference in the world. Over the years, Dr. Hyde has done well over 50 class presentations and has visited nearly every elementary school and junior high school in Medicine Hat.


20/20 Vision Care has been a proud sponsor of community athletics since it’s inception. Financial contributions currently include organizations such as The Medicine Hat Tigers, The Medicine Hat Mavericks, MHHS basketball, CHHS volleyball, and The Medicine Hat College. Jim Stewart and Dr. Clark Hyde value the volunteers who helped them through athletics in their youth and have given back to the community by volunteer coaching several sports teams over the years.

Dr. Clark Hyde has coached Tiny Tots Soccer, Softball, club basketball, as well as Junior Varsity Volleyball. Jim has coached many baseball teams through the years. 20/20 Vision Care also sponsors a senior bowling league, a youth ball hockey team, and is a supporter of the Medicine Hat Chess Club.

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In the event of an eye injury, seek emergency help right away.
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