Urgent Eye Care

We are proud to have this brand new modern building conveniently located directly behind our 3rd Street location, there is parking both at the rear (lots of stairs though), as well as right off 4th Street. Our Urgent Eye Care facility was created to better serve our community.

We saw a need for more same day appointments when things go wrong or when emergencies happen. Walk-In clinics and emergency room waits can be extremely long, and our Doctors specialize in problems that arise with your eyes. Especially certain injuries or trauma require emergency care and shouldn’t wait to be dealt with.

Aside from Urgent eye care, at this facility we also have stream lined our examination process, and many of the medical, and continuing care exams, as well as full dilation exams are performed at this location. Most of these visits are covered by Alberta Health Care (limited coverage by Saskatchewan Health Care).

Emergency Contact Information

In the event of an eye injury, seek emergency help right away.
Call : 403-526-2020
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