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Our Warranty & Care

Giving You Peace Of Mind …

At 20/20 Vision Care we understand that accidents happen. That is why we provide our comprehensive “2 Year No Worry Warranty” on almost all eyeglasses, including adult and children’s eyewear.

30 Day Complete Satisfaction Guarantee

If for any reason you don’t love your prescription glasses they can be exchanged. Glasses must be returned in original condition for the 30 day satisfaction
guarantee. As well, we provide a 30 day money back guarantee… on all computer glasses and polarized sunglasses.

Our 2 Year NO WORRY Warranty

  • 2 year lens replacement warranty
  • 2 year frame replacement warranty
  • 2 year warranty on all secondary parts (nose pad and temple tip damage, etc.)

Contact 20/20 Vision Care for complete details.

Kids 2 Year NO WORRY Warranty

  • 1st three replacements – Free Frame and Lens Replacement – no questions asked (damaged parts must be returned)
  • 4th replacement – 75% off Regular Price
  • 5th replacement – 50% off Regular Price

Contact 20/20 Vision Care for complete details.

Temporary Adaptation

Please know that temporary adaptation to your new glasses is normal. You
may notice some of the following:

  • A pulling or drawing feeling in or around the eyes
  • Flat objects, straight lines or right angles may appear tilted or out of square
  • Peripheral perception changes may be noticeable, especially when you or
    an object are in motion.

To help you adjust we suggest that you put your old glasses away, switching back and forth between your new and old glasses will only delay your progress. Also, don’t look at your feet when you walk. If you wear your new prescription as recommended, full adaptation should take place within 2-3 weeks. Call us should you experience longer than expected adjustment difficulties.

Caring For Your New Glasses

You must first rinse your lenses with warm water to remove abrasive particles. Apply a liquid hand soap or liquid dish soap and gently rub both sides of the lenses. Rinse thoroughly with warm tap water and dry with a COTTON cloth.

To avoid scratching your lenses DO NOT use paper products or harsh cleaners on the surfaces of your lenses. To maintain a proper fit, always remove your glasses with two hands.

Heat sources like the blasts from oven and dish washer doors can severely damage lenses. Take great care when leaving glass or sunglasses in a hot car, as this too can not only damage your lenses, but can cause burns to your face and hands.

Please come in anytime for FREE eye wear adjustments, new nose pads or ultrasonic cleaning.








Etnia Barchelona

Etnia Barchelona- Colorful frames for ladies of all ages seeking to express their creative, original side.


Dolce & Gabbana



Marchon Annual Frame Show First Saturday in November

Anne Klein-

Airlock-Focusing on minimalistic designs Airlock enhances the rimless look with sophisticated and innocative details. Frames are crafted from superlight meaterial that provide ultimate comfort and durability.


Calvin Klein-Calvin Klein eyewear incorporates innovative design details in fashion forward styles and bold colorations. This aspirational eyewear appeals to the urban, creative and independant induvidual.

Dragon-Circa 1993, in a garage in Capo Beach, CA founder Will Howard aimed to build a company that encompassed his passion for surfing, snowboarding, and riding dirtbikes. With his enthisiasm and knowledge of the youthful lifestyle Dragon was launched.

Flexon- Memory metal titanium eyewear! These frames feature technologically advanced memory metal in the bridge and/or the temples allowing them to be flexed, bent, ot twisted and returned to their original shape.

Lacoste- Lacoste relies on its authentic sports heritage to bring optimism and elegance on the world thanks to a unique and original lifestyle for women and men.

Liu Jo- Liu Jo is synonymous with modern Italian style. It's philosophy is devoted to the enhancement of natural femininity and beauty of every woman.


Marchon- The Marchon NYC collection pays homage to it's New York City roots. The four sub-collections that comprise the line, East Side, West Side, Downtown, and Uptown feature classic, fashion, boutique, and trend products.

MCM- MCM's inspiration is the urban nomad and the future of the luxury market. The brand is modern, progressice, cosmopolitian, rebellious, quirky, and aspiring while embracing the past and its German origins, MCM looks forward to the future.

Nautica- The Nautica Eyewear collection is for men who desire classic styling with modern appeal. Inspired by water and a sea faring heritage, each frame has a nautical element to its design.

Nike-Nike Vision eyewear brings the same inspiration and innovation to athletics with eyewear brings the same inspiration and innovation to athletes with product that helps them see Sport BetterTM. Product is developed for each categorty of sport with Nike, for the athlete in everyone.

Nine West- A cult favorite of fashion insiders, Nine West is the ultimate destination for coveted shoes and accessories at the forefront of fashion. In the spirit of confidence and personal expression. The eyewear collection invites women everywhere to stand out with an offering of bold, yet modern and distinctive designs, crafted in ultra-modern, iconic silhoettes.

Salvatore Ferragamo- Is one of the world's best known made in Italy luxury brands. The eyewear collection uses iconic elements from the Salvatore Ferragamo brand heritage. The use of innowative shapes and materials create a balance between the strong historical roots and new modern interpretations.

Tres Jolie











Raymond Lanctot



Hugo Boss-Began as a humble clothing business in Germany 1923, has grown into and international clothing powerhouse. Designed for self confident men aged 30/55 who want innocative, yet classic designs and superior quality for a perfect look to suit every occasion.

Kate Spade-


Evatik- With an equal focus on fit, function and aesthetics Evatik eye wear strikes the perfect balance between comfort and luxury. Clean, understated designs are elevated by high quality materials such as handmade acetate high-grade stainless steel, Japanese titanium, and European hinges. Deep, rich masculine colors and custom design elements define the collection, creating the perfect eye wear accessory for today's modern man.

FYSH- FYSH UK is a unique brand of fashion eye wear designed for women who embrace her own spirit and style. This line combines key fashion influences with Euro eye wear trends, creating beautifully designed eye wear in an array of bold colors and intricate detailing. Eye shapes are purposefully designed deeper providing a modern look perfect for the progressive lens wearer.

Kliik- Taking its direction from the clean, modern aesthetic of danish design, kliik eye wear is subtle yet always inspired. Rich saturated coloring, laser cut detailing, mixing of patterns and materials are some of the design elements that are integral to the collection. Designed for smaller fits, with strong sense of style.

Superflex- Superflex is an affordable lifestyle collection that caters to all budgets. Frame materials include stainless steel, acetate, aluminum. Designs range from elegan classics to contemporary for both men and women.

Ronit Furst- Each frame is hand painted. This is what gives Ronit the freedom to produce almost every pattern and color combination imaginable. The frames are designed to look different from every angle. With fine detail and tiny embellishments, graduated color schemes and asymmetric designs. The ethos of range is to create quirky, individual styles that capture the wearer's personality.


Single Vision

Non-Digital- Regular single vision lenses, some prescriptions available same day, or within two days. Available in a variety of materials and coatings.
EyeZen-Smart Blue Light filter imbedded into the lens reduces visual fatigue from pixelated screens and LED lighting. Digitally made for HD quality vision.
High Index- Lighter and thinner materials are used to create a more cosmetically appealing appearance, and a much more comfortable fit.

Lined Bifocals

Now available digitally made for HD quality vision.

Progressive Lenses

XDesign-All EDesign technology PLUS...
Fist progressive lens to maximize largest volume of vision within arms length.

Xtend technology opens field of vision like never before with a sensation of volume and depth of vision, minimizing the need to move your head to move your head to see sharp.

Navigates seamlessly while multitasking.

Nanoptix technology manages each optical element through the lens resulting in much less swim effect and distortion. Reduces swim effect up to 90%.

Syncroneyes technology takes the prescription in the right eye and the prescription in the left lens and creates the lenses as a pair rather than each lens individually. This increases the field of vision up to 50% when compared to other premium lenses.

EDesign-W.A.V.E 2.0 technology: As we grow older our pupils stay more dialated which makes low lit situations, like restaraunts difficult. W.A.V.E 2.0 technology channels available light better to make things seem brighter in those situations.

Swim Control: Re-engineers lens shape to reduce distortions where it is the most critical, on the sides of the lens. Reduces swim effect up to 50% compared to other premium lens.

  • Wider reading area than the Comfort 3.0

Comfort 3.0: #1 selling progressive lens in all of North America, Comfort lenses are adapted to today's enviroment. They take dynamic vision and rapid changes of activity into account while allowing you to hold your head in a natural position. These changes have a significant impact on visual requirements.

  • Varilux quality lens
  • Easy adaptation
  • Natural Vision

Task Specific

Digitime: Task specific lenses designed so you can fully enjoy any digital activities. Studies of postural behavior in front of screens show that new and very variable distances of screen usage are now crucial elements at the origin of the new visual discomforts. Varilux Digitime featuring two exclusive innovations: the new ultra near vision zone and screen distance personalization for:

  • Relaxed eyes while reading small characters on your smartphone
  • Natural posture in front of your computer
  • Large and comfortable fields of vision which provides natural full coverage of thescreen.
  • Smart Blue Light filter built into the lens reduces fatigue from pixilated screens and LED lighting. Digitally made for HD quality vision.

Road Pilot: Task specific lenses perfectly adapted for driving with large fields of vision where it matters the most to drivers.

Driving requires good intermediate and far vision. With the absence of a near vision zone, the specific fields of vision required for driving are optimized and distortions are reduced. The ergonomic design of Varilux RoadPilot is based on the observation of actual drivers’ visual needs whatever their car and provides them with three main benefits:

  • A clear panoramic view- Thanks to completely unobstructed peripheral vision, wearers experience natural eye movements when checking rear-view mirrors and can better anticipate lateral movements and action of other cars.
  • Easy access to the dashboard and all driving indicators- The intermediate vision zone covers the main portion of the lens, offering direct, natural access to all critical information: speedometer, navigation system and more.
  • Dynamic vision with no distortion- A small power variation is automatically added to the lenses to ensure functional near vision. This will optimize the fields of vision specific to driving and reduce distortions.

Anti Reflection

Crizal: For an increasingly transparent lens experience, Essilor has developed the Crizal anti-reflective coating.

Eliminate the 5 enemies of clear vision with Crizal:

  • Glare, caused by reflections, especially at night, or when working on the computer.
  • Scratches, which reduce visual comfort.
  • Smudges, which diffuse light as it hits the lens and blur your vision.
  • Dust, which can be an obstacle to sharp vision.
  • Water droplets, which distort vision.

Crizal also protects your eyes from UV rays with the E-SPF® 25* index.

Sun Protection

Xperio: Why are Xperio® polarized sun lenses superior to ordinary tinted lenses?

Xperio® polarized sun lenses feature specific polarizing filters that stop blinding glare while offering superior comfort and quality of vision.

  • Glare elimination
  • Greater eye comfort
  • Unmatched clarity of vision
  • True color perception
  • 100% UV protection

Xperio is a polarized lens that delivers a superior outdoor experience for all wearers. Thanks to its unique manufacturing process and advanced polarized film technology, Xperio cuts bothersome glare, ensures 100% UV protection and delivers true colour perception, giving each wearer a visually safe and beautiful world.

Transitions: Essilor Transitions lenses are clear indoors and at night. Once outdoors, they adapt spontaneously to varying light conditions so you can enjoy:

  • a comfortable vision through reduced eye fatigue and less squinting in the sun
  • the convenience of the ideal everyday pair of glasses for indoors and outdoor use
  • everyday protection from harmful UV rays through 100% UVA and UVB absorption

Essilor Transitions lenses are recommended to wearers of any age. They exist in Brown, Green and Grey colors, are available in a complete range of designs, materials, and prescriptions (single vision, bifocal, and Varilux progressive), and match any kind of frames, even the trendiest ones.

Contact Lenses

Sun Glasses

Check out our selection of Maui Jim sunglasses!!!

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