Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

At 20/20 we pride ourselves in providing many contact lens services to our patients to best meet their specific needs. We have a large selection of daily, 2 week, and monthly soft, disposable lenses available.

For those who have special circumstances we also fit scleral and RPG rigid lenses and soft myopic controlled lenses for our younger patients to minimize their near-sighted changes during growing years.

Contact Lens Exams

Contact lenses are medical devices for improving vision. Health Canada regulates them as prescription-only products because contact lenses can cause varying degrees of damage to the eyes. The main risk of wearing contact lenses is that they cover the front most part of the eye which recieves oxygen directly from the air. Contact lenses, being plastic, inhibit oxygen from getting to the tissue it covers. Without the proper amount of oxygen, that tissue begins to swell and will eventually cloud which can create scar tissue resulting in possible permanent vision loss.

During a contact lens eye health exam, problems such as poor vision, dry or irritated eyes, and ocular redness will be evaluated and solution for the problem initiated. However, even contact lens wearers not experiencing any problems should be checked regularly. With special microscopes we will notice early tissue changes before you can feel any problem developing.

It is important to have regular eye exams but it becomes more critical for anyone wearing contact lenses. Please call us at 20/20 Vision Care to book a contact lens eye health exam (403) 526-2020.

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We are open now with our first priority being patient and staff safety. We ask you to please wear a mask as we are abiding by all COVID safety protocols set out by the Alberta Association of Optometrists.

Eye exams and contact lenses will continue to be by appointment. Walk-Ins for new eyeglass selection, adjustments and repairs are welcome but traffic control measures will be taken at peak times.

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