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We love our 20/20 kids!!

We Love Our 20/20 Kids! We are absolutely thrilled to offer a fun pediatric environment in our beautiful brand-new building conveniently located directly behind our 3rd Street location, there is parking both at the rear (lots of stairs though), as well as right off 4th Street.

20/20 Kids is equipped to handle children as young as 6 months old. Alberta Health Care & Saskatchewan Health Care will cover the cost of an exam yearly, and kids eyes should be checked whether they need to wear glasses or not.

If they do need glasses We have over 250 children’s frames to choose from, with packages starting at just $150, and warranty you’ll want to write home about!

Kids Eye Exams

Alberta Health Care covers eye examinations once each year for those ages 0 to 18 years.

Eye examinations are vital to the health and development of a child’s sight and should be done at age 6 months, age 3, age 5, and yearly thereafter. Instead of using a regular eye chart. Our doctors have various techniques and tools to help keep a child’s attention during the testing. These tests are fun and non-invasive but will help determine how the eyes and vision are developing.

During the exam, our doctors will test the eye’s alignment, eye coordination, test muscle and nerve development, the pupil’s rection to light and of course, the vision and the health of the eyes.

If your child is under the age of 5, the doctors recommend that they perform a special type of exam which includes a special eye spray that makes the child’s pupils very large. This is done for several reasons. Firstly, it allows the doctors to assess the health of the back of each eye with relative ease. Also, it allow the doctors to determine the child’s prescription accurately without the need for the child to give any feedback.

Plus Optix is the latest way to check the visual needs of your child.

About 25% of school age children have vision problems that may contribute to difficulty seeing, reading or learning. This is why it is vital to have your child’s eyes examined regularly..

Eye See Eye Learn (Eye See Eye Learn (Fribbit Program)

The Association of Optometrists along with Essilor Canada (KW Optical/Metro Optical) and Hilco Canada (Optiq Frames) have devised a program to ensure children in kindergarten receive an eye health exam as well as prescription glasses if needed.
Participating Alberta Schools would be able to provide you with a form that is completed by either an Optometrists or an Ophthalmologist which then needs to be returned to the school. Once this exam is done and should your child need glasses you can receive a free set of corrective eyewear..

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Plus Optix

This instrument measures a visual prescription for infants of any age. It is fun for the kids and shows a variety of lights and sounds to attract their attention while the devise measures the power of the child’s eyes. From this instrument and other tests, infants and young children can be assessed for their need for glasses with even greater accuracy then ever before. It’s fun, and the kids generally love it.

Are you due for an exam?

  • Are you due?
    • First Exam = Between 10 & 14 Months Old
    • 1-18 Years Old = Once Per Year

Frame Packages

All of our Kids frame packages include the Frame, Airwear lenses, and TD2 (strong scratch coating), as well as our great warranty.


  • Superflex
  • Marchon
  • Guess
  • Rayban
  • Puma
  • Oakley
  • Sketchers
  • Nano Vista
  • Nike
  • Lacoste
  • Miraflex


Airwear - We use Essilor Airwear lenses for all kids packages.The reason we chose to upgrade the kids packages (at no additional cost, within standard Rx ranges) aside from the extra UV protection, is because we feel children are often in situations where they need more protection.Airwear is a polycarbonate material making it 12x more impact resistant than the traditional CR-39 plastic material.Leaving your little hockey player or monkey bar specialist the freedom to play without you needing to be concerned. Airwear is also significantly lighter and thinner than standard plastic, so most people find it more comfortable to wear.

Crizal - For an increasingly transparent lens experience, Essilor has developed the Crizal anti-reflective coating. Eliminate the 5 enemies of clear vision with Crizal:

  • Glare, caused by reflections, when working on the computer, tablet, smart board or under flourecent lighting (like at school).
  • Scratches, which reduce visual comfort. Smudges, because kids.
  • Dust, which can be an obstacle to sharp vision.
  • Water droplets, which distort vision.

Crizal also protects your eyes from UV rays with the E-SPF® 25* index. Not to mention they are cosmetically nicer for pictures

Transitions - Essilor Transitions lenses are clear indoors and at night. Once outdoors, they adapt spontaneously to varying light conditions so you can enjoy:

  • This is especially nice for kids as they often have a hard time keeping track of more than one pair of glasses.
  • a comfortable vision through reduced eye fatigue and less squinting in the sun
  • the convenience of the ideal everyday pair of glasses for indoors and outdoor use
  • everyday protection from harmful UV rays through 100% UVA and UVB absorption
  • Essilor Transitions lenses are recommended to wearers of any age. They exist in Brown, Green and Grey colors
  • Hi-Index- Lighter and thinner materials are used to create a more cosmetically appealing appearance, and a much more comfortable fit.


  • 1st Three – Free Frame and Lens Replacement – no questions asked (damaged parts must be returned)
  • 2nd Replacement – 75% off Regular Price
  • 3rd Replacement – 50% off Regular Price

Emergency Contact Information

In the event of an eye injury, seek emergency help right away.
Call : 403-526-2020


We are open now with our first priority being patient and staff safety. We ask you to please wear a mask as we are abiding by all COVID safety protocols set out by the Alberta Association of Optometrists.

Eye exams and contact lenses will continue to be by appointment. Walk-Ins for new eyeglass selection, adjustments and repairs are welcome but traffic control measures will be taken at peak times.

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