Grey   – Reduces glare and does not distort colours. Excellent for sunny days.

Brown  – Improves both contrast and depth perception. Reduces glare and is a good all-round choice.

Rose  – Very soothing to the eyes, helps block blue light, and improves contrast. Great for computer users to reduce eyestrain and glare.

Blue  – Blue is a contrast lens and reduces glare form visible white light (such as light reflected from mist, fog, snow and water).

Yellow – Reduces glare, preserves sharpness, enhances contrast by filtering out blue light. excellent for night driving, overcast, haze or fog.

Mirror Coating – A reflective coating applied to the front surface of the lens. They are available in many colours and allow the wearer to look out of the lens but others cannot see into the lens.

Photochromic – The colour and amount of light transmitted through the lens changes when exposed to ultraviolet light or temperature change. this lens has an ultraviolet filter.