There are hundreds of different progressives on the market and many of them are designed and surfaced in totally different ways. When comparing progressives one must always remember to compare apples to apples. Essilor Canada is the primary supplier for progressive lenses for 20/20 Vision Care.

The newest member to the 20/20 Family is the Varilux S Series. It is a High Resolution lens that is now customized with the wearers individual wearing parameters.

This lens is designed with the newest technology such as W.A.V.E. technology which was designed from the same technology used to do laser surgery. With this wavefront technology Essilor is able to view any distortions caused by aberrations (small surface bumps) on the lens that may reduce your quality of vision.

This lens is then further enhanced with the use of 360 Digital Surfacing. Using point by point calculations Essilor is able to map out the front surface of the lens and then optimize the design on the back. With this they use a digitally controlled diamond point to surface the back side of the lens precise to 0.1 microns. The Varilux S Series will give you more contrast and overall better vision. The extra fitting measurements allow for a custom located near and intermediate vision which is more precisely placed to your needs.