Single Vision Lenses

These lenses contain one power, so they can be used for Far, Near, or Any Where in between. Read More


A bifocal lens contains two powers a distance at the top and reading at the bottom. Trifocals contain three powers a far, intermediate and near. Read More


Crizal Sapphire is the best anti-reflective coating out on the market and offers the best vision by eliminating the 5 enemies of clear vision. Read More


Offering of 1600 choices for frames there is always something for everyone at 20/20 Vision Care, from black to pink, metal to plastic and large too small. Read More


There are hundreds of different progressives on the market and many of them are designed and surfaced in totally different ways. Read More

Specialty Lenses

The Varilux Computer lens is a progressive lens that is kind of built like a two story house. There is the bottom floor which is a wide area of reading prescription the next floor is an equally wide area of intermediate power and the small roof contains a distance prescription. Read More