Sight Test vs. Complete Eye Health Exam; What’s the difference?

Sight tests are advertised by opticians (those who sell eyeglasses) in order to make lenses in eyeglasses. Their testing is based solely on a computerized measurement, and they do not test the general function or health of the eyes. Their education is limited to a few weeks of training. They are not eye doctors, and they cannot evaluate or diagnose any eye health problems. As you can imagine, the practice of sight testing is quite controversial as it gives a false impression of providing an eye exam. In fact, some places even call it an “eye test” when it is no more than testing your sight.

Doctors of optometry, like Dr. McClung, Dr. Cory and Dr. Hyde provide complete eye health examinations. During your eye examination, our doctors will check not only your vision but will also assess the general function, coordination, alignment, and health of the eyes. Any eye disease or other problem that could potentially compromise your vision must be found early. As such, everyone should have a regular complete eye health and vision exam by a Doctor of Optometry.