Comprehensive adult eye examinations are generally needed every two years and are not covered by Alberta Health Care. However, for your convenience, we do direct bill all insurance companies that do allow payments directly to us.

Your eye examination will be about an hour long, during which time the doctor of optometry will test your vision, eye coordination, ocular alignment, focusing, colour vision, peripheral vision, and of course your eye health. New imaging and diagnostic devices such as Optomap 200º Retinal Laser Scan, OCT (optical coherence tomography), Humphrey visual field testing, FDT Matrix Field Test, and High Definition retinal Photography will help the doctor. Some of these imaging devices are used during a routine examination, while others are used if further investigation is needed. All of these new instruments and tests provide our doctors with a thorough understanding of the health of your eyes, which enables them to have early detection of eye conditions that could permanently damage your vision.

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